Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cheap Diapers @ Amazon

I love buying diapers at It is the absolute cheapest way to buy diapers that I have found. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Start looking at how much your are paying per diaper. Divide how much you are paying for the package by the number of diapers in it. $0.15 may not seem like that much less than $0.18 per diaper, but when you figure the average baby goes through 3,640 diapers in the first year alone you are looking at a difference of $109.20 if you pay the higher amount per diaper. Two years equals $218.40.  That is a lot of money to just throw away!!

2. Sign up for the amazon mom program here. You get 15% off of diapers and wipes and if you sign up for subscribe and save you when completing your order you get another 15%. These discounts apply to several things, including some baby food and snacks. You can cancel your subscribe and save as soon as your order is shipped and still get the discount. When you sign up for subscribe and save you get free shipping so you aren't even paying for the gas to go buy the diapers.

3. Check your coupons! Often there will be online "coupons" for diapers. When you are viewing diapers if there is a coupon available that you can use it will show up. Choose the "click to clip this coupon" option for more savings. Another way to look at available coupons is to type "coupons" in the amazon search box and select the icon for "Your Coupon Book."

4. Don't think that store brand diapers are always cheaper than a name brand. The diapers I purchase on amazon always cost less than store brand diapers.


Huggies Snug and Dry Size 1-2 (192 count) - After all discounts this box is a total of $21.45 or $0.11 per diaper. (84 count) - This box is listed at $16.99 which is $0.20 per diaper.
Target Store Brand Diapers (50 count) - This package is $6.29 which is $0.12 per diaper. Pretty close to the name brand on amazon, but why pay more for a store brand?

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers Size 5 - After all discounts I mentioned in steps 2 and 3 above you pay $29.73 and get free shipping. There is currently a $1 off Pampers coupon, make sure you get it. That's $0.17 per diaper! - This is the largest size box of Pampers that Target carries in this size. It is $29.99 and the price per diaper is $0.25. 
Target Store Brand Diapers - This is the largest box of the Up & Up (Target brand) diapers. It is 20.99 or $0.19 per diaper, which is still more expensive than the Pampers diapers on amazon!

If you purchase just the basic package of size 5 Pampers or Huggies at Walmart you pay $8.99 for 27 diapers. That is $0.33 per diaper, which is basically double the cost of the diapers on amazon. Walmart store brand (Parent's Choice) prices work out similarly to the Target ones.


I was never a name brand girl until I started buying diapers. It's hard to believe some people end up paying more for store brand diapers just because they seem cheaper when you compare them to the name brand. With just a tiny bit of research you can save a LOT of money, they get shipped right to your door, and it really is easy. 

Don't forget that your cost per diaper is going to go up as your baby grows. Price increase = size increase. 

Links for other size diapers on amazon:

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Walmart 3/08

Walmart recently put out a new policy that allows for overage. Here's what I noticed on my trip today.

I did a transaction which included:
2x Tide Travel $0.97 used $1/1
1x Purex trial $0.97 used $3/1
3x Gain @ $1.87 used $3/1
1x Gain @ $4.33 used $3/1
1x Downy Wrinkle Release trial $1.48 used $1/1

here's what happened:
1 Tide beeped for valid coupon amount (VCA), 1 said item not in transaction (what the cashier said the computer told her, I couldn't see that one)
Purex beeped for VCA
2x Gain scanned
2x Gain said items not in transaction
Downy scanned (no overage on that one)

I had a nice cashier who wasn't upset at all when I asked her to get a manager. Manager came over and told her to enter the ones it wasn't taking it manually as a vendor coupon (she didn't know how, but he showed her). He was nice as well, no one mentioned the new policy and I didn't ask bc DS 10 months was being psycho :)

Walgreens Ideas week of 3/6-3/12

Recently there was a $3/2 Pedia Care products printable. I wanted to use the coupon at Walgreens to get overage with this weeks in ad coupon. I messed up because the more expensive 1 oz looks exactly like the .5 oz, so be careful!

Here's what I got:
3x Pedia Care infant pain reliever .5 oz @ $5.99
1x Pedia Care infant pain reliever 1 oz @ $9.99
Always Pantiliners $2.99
Cadbury egg $0.59 (filler)

2x $3/2 Pedia Care IP
1 Always $1/1 from home mailer
in ad Q for $5 off each Pedia Care (took off $20)
$3 RR from last week Baby Magic
= $1.54 + tax
got back a $2 RR from Always

If I'd gotten the correct Pedia Care I would not have had to use my RR, OOP would have been $0.54 and I would have gotten the $2 RR.
There is a new printable up here for $2/1 Pedia Care product. This makes for an even better deal if your Wags has the $5.99 Infant pain reliever. 

Here's a couple of ideas:
2x Infant pain relief @ $5.99 each
Always $2.99
- $2 Pedia Care
- $2 Pedia Care
- $1 Always mailer or $0.50 from P&G insert
- $5 off Pedia Care in ad Q 
= negative $0.03 so find a cheap filler :)
get back $2 Always RR

2x Infant pain relief @ $5.99 each
2x Softsoap Body Wash on sale 2/$7
- $2 Pedia Care
- $2 Pedia Care
- $5 in ad Q for Pedia Care
= OOP $4.98 and you get back a $5 RR for Softsoap

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Walgreens 8/4

Walgreens trip 8/4

Subtotal: $1.22
Tax: $4.10
OOP total : $5.32

((from bottom of receipt))
F&F Q: $9.32
Wag Q Savings: $3.40
Wag Advertised savings: $4.50
MFG Q Savings: $45.59
Total: $53.49

All prices are after 15% off Friends and Family coupon from Facebook valid 8/2-8/4
2 BIC Soleil Disposable Razors @ $5.09
1 Pilot Pen G2 2ct @ $1.01 (after raincheck for $1.19)
1 Kotex @ $4.25
1 Bayer AM @ $4.24
3 Veet @ $5.94
2 Visine @ $3.82
3 Huggies wipes @ $2.54

- BOGO Bic
- Pilot IP $1
- Kotex $1
- Bayer AM $2
- Veet IP $3 x3
- Visine IP $1
- Huggies IP $2.50 off wyb 3
Wags In Ad Qs
- Visine $2 x2
Wags August Booklet Qs (used 1 of each, it takes the amount off for each item you have)
- Kotex $2
- Veet $3
- Visine $2
- Huggies $1
These show up as MFG coupons on your receipt.

The BIC Razors were B1G1 Half off, so I paid $2.55 for one and the other was free with the insert BOGO

These printedat the end of my transaction. Yay for another freebie!
I found most of these deals posted by the great people on

Friday, July 30, 2010

Dollar General Ziploc Overage 7/30

Dollar General Trip 7/30

12 Zip and Steam @ $0.50 each clearanced
1 Soleil Disposable Razor pack @ $5.50
1 15ct Cascade Action Packs clearanced @ $2.50
1 Bath Pouf @ $1
1 Libby's Canned Green Beans @ $0.80
1 4ct Double Roll Charmin Basic @ $2.50
Total = $18.30

12 $1 off Ziploc Zip and Steam ($6 overage!!)
$3 off Soleil
$0.50 off Cascade Action Packs
FREE Libby's Canned Item
$0.50 Charmin DG Q

Total = $1.49 (I forgot to use my $1 off Charmin MQ, it should have been $0.49)
After tax OOP = $3.03

So glad I finally got to use my Ziploc Qs, I was afraid they were all going to go to waste. A couple stores were out. This one didn't even have them marked the clearance price so I scanned them and voila!!

These bags are awesome :)

Target Soap Madness Trip! 7/27

2 Transactions combined:

40 Olay Bars $0.97
3 Travel Size Degree $0.97
4 Travel Satin Care $0.99
2 Kids Aquafresh Bubblemint $1.62
1 Pampers Wipes $1.97
2 Bagel Bites $2.24
2 Chef Boyardee Microwavable $0.80
2 Wonka Bars $2.29
1 Snyder's Pretzel Sandwiches $3.19

40 $1 any Olay bar, body wash, or in-shower lotion
3 $1 any Degree IP
4 $1 any Satin Care
2 $1 Kid's Aquafresh mani IP
2 $0.50 Kid's Aquafresh Target IP
1 $1 any Pamper's wipes Target Q
1 $1 any Pamper's wipes home mailer
2 $1 Bagel Bites Target IP
2 $1 Bagel Bites mani IP
2 $1 Chef Boyardee Target IP
2 $1 Wonka Exceptionals mani IP
2 $1 Wonka Exceptionals Target IP
1 $1 off Snyder's Target IP
1 $1 off Snyder's MQ

Total before tax $3.43
After tax OOP $8.05

I also paid $3.44 for the some of the Qs from ebay. I will be able to turn in my receipt for the P&G $10 rebate so technically all of this only cost me $1.49!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Amazon Diaper Insanity has a great deal right now where you can get 30% off if you sign up for the Subscribe and Save on certain items and free shipping. You can also use coupons from their website to add up to more savings.

Transaction #1
Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers, Size 2 (12-18 Lbs), Economy Plus Pack, 228 Diapers
Subtotal of Items: $40.49
Shipping & Handling: $22.27
Promotion Applied: -$12.15
Free Shipping: -$22.27
Your Coupon Savings: -$1.50
Total for this Order: $26.84
Transaction #2
Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers, Size 3 (16-28 Lbs), Economy Plus Pack, 204 Diapers
Subtotal of Items: $41.99
Shipping & Handling: $22.86
Promotion Applied: -$12.60
Free Shipping: -$22.86
Your Coupon Savings: -$1.50
Total for this Order: $27.89

Transaction #3
Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers, Size 3 (16-28 Lbs), Economy Plus Pack, 204 Diapers
Subtotal of Items: $41.99
Shipping & Handling: $22.86
Promotion Applied: -$12.60
Free Shipping: -$22.86
Promotion Applied: **-$8.40
Total for this Order: $20.99
**Thanks to Amy at for a 20% off code found in Parenting magazine!

Grand total of $75.72 for 636 diapers = about $0.11 per diaper
I think the last pack of diapers I bought was $8.99 for 36 size 2 diapers which equals $0.24 a diaper... huge savings!

The trick to this is to make sure you cancel the subscription once you get the email saying order has shipped so you don't get charged again next month. You get the savings without having to commit to the subscription!