Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Walmart 3/08

Walmart recently put out a new policy that allows for overage. Here's what I noticed on my trip today.

I did a transaction which included:
2x Tide Travel $0.97 used $1/1
1x Purex trial $0.97 used $3/1
3x Gain @ $1.87 used $3/1
1x Gain @ $4.33 used $3/1
1x Downy Wrinkle Release trial $1.48 used $1/1

here's what happened:
1 Tide beeped for valid coupon amount (VCA), 1 said item not in transaction (what the cashier said the computer told her, I couldn't see that one)
Purex beeped for VCA
2x Gain scanned
2x Gain said items not in transaction
Downy scanned (no overage on that one)

I had a nice cashier who wasn't upset at all when I asked her to get a manager. Manager came over and told her to enter the ones it wasn't taking it manually as a vendor coupon (she didn't know how, but he showed her). He was nice as well, no one mentioned the new policy and I didn't ask bc DS 10 months was being psycho :)

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